April, 2021
To date, we have secured $37.1 million toward our capital and endowment fund goal of $37 million.

We thank this extraordinary group of donors for making our dream of a new home a reality. The New Limitless Campaign has been built on community, corporate, and government collaboration for the benefit of children and youth.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

$3 million

The Moffat Family

$2 million

Robert Lemon, in memory of Robert M. Ledingham
The Jack and Darlene Poole Foundation

$1.5 million

The Pamela and David Richardson Family Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation
David Aisenstat

$1 million

Audain Foundation
Beedie Foundation
John and Nina Cassils
Diamond Foundation
Richard and Carol Henriquez
Rebecca Mackay
Darrell and David Mindell
Jeff Mooney and Suzanne Bolton
Newmont Corporation
Barry and Drinda Scott
Sonjan Enterprises Ltd.
The Christopher Foundation


BMO Financial Group
Buschlen Mowatt Nichol Foundation
Peeter and Mary Wesik


Andrew Mahon Foundation
Douglas Gordon Family
ITC Construction Group
Strat and Gaye Leggat
Dana and John Montalbano


BTY Group
Stephanie Carlson
Peter & Joanne Brown Foundation
The Family of Melanie Gold
The Lutsky Families


Tom Ferries and Lisa Pankratz
Christie and David Garofalo
Jake and Judy Kerr
Dr. Francis Law and Priscilla Lam
Parachute Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation
Tassan and David Sung Family Giving Fund, held at Nicola Wealth Private Giving Foundation
The Young Family Foundation
Warren, Twyla and Jessica Wall


Capilano University
Kimberly Cudney and Fraser Phillips
Face The World Foundation
Geoff Glotman
Thomas O’Shaughnessy and Omar Dallal
Trudy and Daniel Pekarsky
Saje Natural Wellness
Michael and Julie Seelig
The Spevakow Family


Heather Altas
Henning and Brigitte Freybe
Martha Lou Henley
Elmar and Christine Klukas
Paul Larocque
Lesley Stowe and Geoffrey Scott
Bob and Lea Stanlake
The Illahie Foundation
Terrence and Lisa Turner
Timothy C. Kerr Family Foundation
Bruce Munro Wright


Capital Direct
Bill and Denny Lang
Isabelle and Johanie Marcoux
Mindset Social Innovation Foundation
SilverBirch Hotels & Resorts
John Singleton
Dermot Strong
Tim & Christina Louey Family Foundation
Eric and Beverly Watt


Arbutus Family Holdings Ltd
Merla Beckerman
Marilyn Beketa
Heidi Bekker
Paolo and Dorothy Bortolussi
Blaire Chisholm
Tessa De Roy
Margaret and Elie Debbané
Julie Deng
Susan Evans
Henry Fetigan and Janie Law
Sienna Fetigan
Sally and Michael Geller
Arlene Gladstone and Hamish Cameron
Tina and Richard Hulbert
Esther Jang
Tetsuya Januki
Diana Keng
Leah and Ben King
Julie Lee
Jane McLennan
Paul and Susanne Moniz de Sá
Debora Musil
Peter Neufeld
Gillian Nishida
Mark Nishiguchi
Kate Phillips
Serena Pires
Jill and Hart Price
Jacquie and Richard Prokopanko
Jacqueline Quandt
Allison Rand
Kamal Rahal
Gloria and Eduardo Schwartz
Lynn Sheppard
Ruthie and Danny Shugarman
Dr. Beverley Steinhoff and Vittorio Galassi
Andy Toth
Scott Silverthorn
Sheila Smeaton
Catherine Van Alstine and Michael Woods
Jan Whitford and Michael Stevenson
Simon Wong

Gift in Kind

Cisco Systems Canada
Dentons Canada LLP
Global Public Affairs
Inform Interiors
Noise Digital
Shaw Communications Inc.
Singleton Reynolds